Jasper County Churches

The below list is only a partial listing of Jasper County Churches. We will continue to add them as they are made known to us. If you know of a churches not listed here, please send us the name and location so that we may post it here.   If the church name is hyperlinked, click on it and it will take you to the website for that church. If you know of a church not listed, please send it to us so that we may also post that here.

Feature Name                                              Latitude       Longitude      Ele(ft)    Map

Adams Memorial Church                                305314N      0940046W     217         Jasper

Antioch Church                                              302844N      0940014W      85         Franklin Lake

Bishop Chapel                                               305646N      0935550W     328         Jasper East

Bulah Springs Church                                    304522N       0935734W     217        Roganville

Cairo Springs Church                                    303126N       0940143W       72        Tater Patch Lake

Church of Christ                                            305523N       0935951W      230       Jasper East

Colemans Chapel Church                              303936N       0935400W     108        Kirbyville

Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church         305545N       0935940W     292        Jasper East

Deer Creek Church                                       303519N       0935506W     105        Call Junction

Dixie Community Church                               305556N       0940728W     141        Jasper West

Fairview Church                                            303408N       0940107W       72        Tater Patch Lake

First Baptist Church                                       303939N       0935347W     118        Kirbyville

Gillgal Church                                                305604N       0940220W     272        Jasper West

Graham Church                                             305732N        0940553W     236       Jasper West

Greater New Bethel Baptist Church               305606N        0935917W     249       Jasper East

Homer Church                                              305823N        0941216W     118       Pace Hill

Huff Creek Church                                        305548N        0935205W     259       Jamestown

Kirbyville United Pentecostal Church             303943N        0935402W     118       Kirbyville

Light House Church of God in Christ             303902N         0935348W     112       Kirbyville

Little Hope Primitive Baptist Church*              N3054.151'    W 9406.582'     County Road 142 (one mile West of FM 777)

Lilly-of-the-Valley Church                             304119N         0940049W      171      Magnolia Springs

Lone Star Church                                          305408N        0940137W      233        Jasper West

Magnolia Springs Church                               304348N        0940147W      167       Magnolia Springs

Mill Creek Church                                         310552N        0935707W      276       Harrisburg

Moore Chapel Church                                   305441N        0940006W      236        Jasper West

Moore Church                                               305443N        0940353W      157       Jasper West

Mount Zion Church                                        304241N        0935539W      141       Kirbyville

Nazarene Church                                           305558N        0940007W      295       Jasper West

Nedville Church                                             305533N        0940647W      184       Jasper West

Needle Grove Church                                    305530N        0940705W      164       Jasper West

New Deliverance Church of God                   303939N        0935337W      112       Kirbyville

New Hope Church                                        305409N        0940631W      180        Jasper West

North Antioch Church                                   304404N        0935339W      148       Kirbyville

Peaceful Restaurant Baptist Church            305611N        0935949W      312       Jasper East

Peach Tree Church                                       305711N        0940604W     200        Jasper West

Rockwall Church                                          310315N        0941913W     161        Boykin Spring

Rosebloom Church                                       305547N        0935236W     262        Jasper East

Sand Hill Church                                          305638N        0935947W     322        Jasper East

South Mill Creek Church                              302341N        0940129W      56         Franklin Lake

Spring Hill Church                                         304344N        0940159W     161        Magnolia Springs

Spring Hill Church                                         310734N        0935848W      226        Pineland South

Sunflower Church                                         305725N        0940440W      230        Jasper West

Tanglewood Baptist Church                          305536N        0935919W      220        Jasper East

United Methodist Church                              304001N        0935406W      108         Kirbyville

West Lake Church                                        305746N       0940303W      364         Jasper West

Wings of An Eagle Bible Fellowship Church  305515N        0935951W      213         Jasper East

* Churches and information supplied by valued contributors and visitors of this website.

The above list was downloaded from the GNIS On-line Data Base, with the exception of any additions we have made (additions noted with an asterik). If you know of any additions, please send them to us with as much detail as you can (like directions, etc).

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